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Every good, thriving business has 2 things in common: it offers a beneficial service or product, and it has a website to prove it. If it’s a service or product worth mentioning then having a strong and active online presence, including website, is imperative to the company’s overall success. Search engine optimization directly affects how your website is ranked. Our #1 elite SEO strategies literally puts your website in front of people already seeking you out!

Having a well-optimized website will be your business’s most powerful asset in terms of exposure and revenue, even more so than TV, radio, and print– combined! But if your website doesn’t show up first on Google’s search page, chances are you’re losing customers to your competition. And no business can afford that.

You want to drive more traffic to your business. And you need to put your business IN FRONT of your customers. But there are good and bad methods of doing it. The bad ways will eventually hurt your business’s online presence and result in it being de-indexed (removed) by search engines.


Search Spartan’s SEO strategy will not only turn your leads into customers, but will turn you into a revenue-making machine.


Google loves websites that produce high-quality content that’s relevant and user-friendly to their readers. Google has created specific algorithms (mathematical equations), which are continually updated, to weed out websites that are not valuable to readers. The websites that rank on the first page of a search doesn’t happen by mere chance. This is most effectively done by professional SEO specialists who understand how Google works and what it values.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Finding an Expert

As it’s in your company’s best interest, your top priority when hiring an SEO agency is to make sure your website isn’t put into the hands of non-experts or cheaters. Their tall promises or low one-price-fits-all packaging may sound appealing, but there is more to consider. These cheaters attempt to rank sites high by manufacturing links meant to fool Google, rather than producing content that is genuinely valuable to your reader. This invariably leads to your site getting penalized and unsearchable in popular search engines. This will destroy your company’s online presence. And that is not good.

These cheaters attempt to rank sites high by manufacturing links meant to fool Google, rather than producing content that is genuinely valuable to your reader. This invariably leads to your site getting penalized and unsearchable in popular search engines. This will destroy your company’s online presence. And that is no Bueno.

Keeping your website healthy while upholding professional industry standards is our top priority. We understand that SEO rankings take time depending on the location and competitive nature of the targetted audience and keywords. Using “black hat” SEO techniques (the cheater’s method) for a quick turnaround in results is unacceptable. You’ll only find Search Spartan wearing tall, white hats! (And no, we’re not referring to the KKK.)

Skilled and Professional optimizers can harmonize your website’s content through a thorough keyword research and come up with the keywords that fully suit your page content. They will even go further to look for other keywords that have been used by your competitors and design them to match with your content. The end result will be more appealing, making your site stand out amongst the competition. They ensure your website has fresh content that is relevant to your market. Put your website into Copyscape and make sure all the content isn’t just copied from another site. Duplicate content of that nature can hurt your site. Hire a trusted SEO expert from the very beginning. This saves you time, so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Working With The Best

As #1 elite SEO experts, we work with established brands that are already adding value to the world, including valuable information. Search Spartan will help you create powerful, relevant content in such a way that Google not only approves of it, but loves it and wants to promote it.

We at Search Spartan SEO want to elevate your business to the next level. We pride ourselves on being more than just a great SEO company. We are #1 elite SEO experts.

With search engine optimization, you’re not wasting money on ads that may or may not reach anyone; People are already reaching out for your service and product, which makes your Return On Investment (ROI) that much better.

If you truly want to supercharge your business’ traffic flow then put your business IN FRONT of your customers. Your website is the online marketing representative of your business. You need a search engine optimization expert to guide your customers to your website. You can have the best website but it doesn’t mean much if people can’t find it.

This is where we step in.

We’ll transform your business into something momentous. Something magical. Something memorable.

We’ll Get You Found.

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Much like how a doctor works, we need to properly diagnose your online presence. This not only includes your current website, but also how other websites and search engines (such as Google) view your site. 

In this short video (5-7 minutes), we will give you an insider look into your website. Our mission in these videos to provide value. Even if you decide to not use our service, we will give you suggestions that will help boost your online presence.

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Barbara Wood

Barbara Wood

Alisha is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry and has extensive knowledge in the communication industry as well. There is no better choice when trying to communicate with Google. Highly recommended.

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Alisha is a powerhouse with SEO. I have learned techniques from her that most "experts" will never know. If you are searching for a SEO professional that understands Google and will drive traffic to your door you have found it in Search Spartan.

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