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Our 4-Phase Process Practically Guarantees First Page Rankings

What if there was a proven system to make you stand out above your competition?


Its focus is on building the brand and getting main search engines, such as Google, to recognize its presence as a new online entity. As your company’s name becomes known on Google, it will begin to develop trust. When Google trusts your brand (i.e. your website which hosts your brand) then it will begin to place you on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) accordingly.


We continue to strengthen your company’s online presence by securing its presence. We continue to build up your online presence so Google will have continual reasons to trust your brand and rank you higher. The more high authority sites “talking” about your company, the more Google is willing to trust you


This is the stage Google begins to see you as “an adult” rather than “a child.” Your ROI (return on investment) unfolds near the close of this phase. Google is trusting you and making sure interested parties (i.e. those searching for your services) see you first on the SERP (search engine results page).


This is where your company takes over the first page of Google (like your website, YouTube video(s), online directories, social sites, etc.). This is a long-term strategy that essentially hides your competitors from potential buyers. To do this properly, we boost your domain’s authority and trust flow. As you establish more of these, then Google can’t help but love you and reward you with high rankings.

Spokane Search Engine Optimization 2019 (And Beyond!)

We are passionate about helping others live their dreams.

Life is too short to live someone else’s dream. Live Yours Today!

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We’ll Get You Found.

We’ve brought MILLION$ in business to our clients

This is millions that our clients otherwise would have simply missed out on. 

It’s a well-known fact that more and more people are searching the internet even to find local businesses, sometimes, even when these local businesses are right next door! We rank websites on the first page of the search engines (like Google). But it really comes down to the right type of ranking. What does that mean? We find your profitable keywords (in other words, the ones that people in your niche are actually searching for) and we make sure that your site shows up for those keywords.

Most businesses are losing potential customers to their competition WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT.

We’ve analyzed thousands of websites. We’ve been in business since 2013 and in that time we’ve talked to TONS of businesses. One of the most common thing we’ve found when talking to the decision makers is that they believe their site already ranks for their money keywords. So, we’ll hear stuff like “seo doesn’t work,” or “you’d think people would actually use the internet more, but it’s all just word of mouth,” or the list goes on and on.

Here’s a simple fix to show you the truth.

  • Go to Chrome
  • Click “File”
  • Scroll down and click on “New Incognito Window”
  • Now search for your business

What does this do? It shows you the results based on where the websites are actually showing up not based upon your browsing history. See, in an effort to serve you, the customer, better, search engines like Google (or Bing) will return results based upon your browsing history. The reason for this is that if you visited the site once, you obviously think that the site has some value. So the search engine, being the ever-helpful titan that it is and in thanks for using it, will return the favor by showing you sites you’ve already visited. If you’ve been on your business website a lot—and come on, the odds are pretty hight that you have—it’s obviously what you’re searching for, so it’ll show up for you again and again and again. 

But it won’t show up for everyone else.

Go ahead, try the experiment.

A lot of times, there’s a business that already has a similar name to yours and you won’t even show up for your own business name. 

So if you’ve tried the experiment, you may be thinking, why is my site not showing up? 

And that’s a good question.

WHY IS YOUR SITE NOT SHOWING UP? Here’s a FREE report valued at $1000, detailing WHY your site’s not showing up and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.  

Yes, we’ll need your email to send you your report. But, we promise not to give away, rent, sell, or spam your email.

On this form, you’re going to see a lot of actionable steps that you can do. Now, if you already know how to make all of the changes yourself—wonderful. We love helping people. If you need the help of our services to make the changes, we’re here to help.

Our Services

We’ll Help Your Business Grow Exponentially

Search Engine Optimization

Are you a business owner that feels more like a pawn in a game of chess? Each business move you make is outwitted by your competition, leaving you behind in your own game? Take charge of your company today! Give your business the attention it deserves by showing up on the FIRST PAGE of Google. We’ll get you found!

Create New Website

Is the thought of needing to build a website for your business a little overwhelming? Concerned that you are not a web developer and not a professional coder?

You have this great business, great product, great service but now, you just need a website.  We’ve heard this story some many times. We get it!  Just hire us to build your site and you can get back to doing what you do best.

FREE Website Audit

Is your website slower than other websites? Many business owners are not happy with the performance of their website. If you are one of those business owners, let us review your site and see where it can be improved.

Web Redesign

Do you have a 10 year company that has never updated its website?  Your website needs to convert visitors into paying customers. Let us give your website a face lift!

Retargeting Ads

You’re getting lots of traffic to your site but fewer conversions (i.e. less people buying) than you’d hope. Research has shown that people who are exposed to your website at least 7 times are far more likely to buy your product or service. We have a perfect solution!

With our re-targeting methods, after a someone visits your website they will then continue to see your banner ads leading back to YOUR website… thus leading to more money for you!

Here’s how we help Spokane businesses with their online marketing:

Increase Exposure

We can guarantee that more of the right people will find your website. What me mean by right people is that those who are searching for your services will find you.

Increases Customers 

When we get you found in the right places, you’ll have more customers.

Increase Revenue 

The more people that find your services or products means more money for you. Our services bring in more revenue than any other type of online marketing.

We’ll be your partner.

When you need a change to your website, we’re here to help. When you have questions about your online campaigns, we’ll answer your questions and lend our expertise. When major algorithm changes blast through the internet, we’re here to make sure your site stays afloat.

We send monthly reports, detailing where your site is, actions taken, and any changes in the search engine world that you need to be aware of. 

Our contracts our worry free—which means they are month-to-month. Every campaign needs a set amount of time before it’s effective; however, if something comes up, there’s no obligation to keep going and the work that’s been done will stick around and continue to help your business. 

Having us on your team gives you more than access to our team of experts. We meet regularly with some of the best SEO’s in the world, where we discuss strategies, changes to the algorithms, and what to watch out for. In all humility, we’re six months ahead of the game because of all of the thousands of websites we and our organizations monitor and test.

Having us on your team is your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. 

SEO Science 

There’s a science to SEO. Google has reported that there are over 200 ranking factors. Plus, these change all the time with both minor and major updates to the algorithm. Google has been moving toward higher web content for a long time and in the Fall of 2018 and now into 2019, we’ve really started to see a big push toward this. This is a great update—the only problem is how does a computer read what is good content and what is not? Furthermore, how does a computer determine what is a relevant website linking to your website and what is not? This is where the science comes in.

We ensure that your website is structured the correct way for a computer to read it and know what it is about and why it should trust your site above all others. When we link other sites to yours, we ensure that the linking site is relevant to yours the way that a computer sees relevance, and that we get the correct amount of links, with the right power, and at the right time. Timing is huge. Try and force it, and you’ll get the Google Slap (also known as a ding or a penalty, which then means goodbye to your website).

Like anything of value, good SEO takes time. We don’t promise overnight rankings because when you get an overnight ranking, you will get a penalty and your site will vanish, costing you heartburn, time, customers, and money. 

We build your campaign both as safe and as fast as possible—but our ultimate goal is to make you succeed. Because when you succeed, obviously so do we, but so do your customers. 

Are You Still Wondering What’s In It For Me?

We Provide Value To Our Customers!

Monthly Reports

Making sure you get a large Return on Investment is paramount to us. We send monthly reports with your company’s ongoing rankings, updates, and noteworthy news. We notify our clients of changes in the industry which may directly affect your company’s website–such as updates in Google’s algorithms. In addition, we give recommendations to help secure your online business.

On A Map

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, then you know the importance of location. But what no one knows where you’re located? We’ll give your business proper exposure by putting you on the map. Not only will this put you one Page 1, but people will know exactly where to go for the services you offer.

Increase Exposure

Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating its rankings in Google. We make all digital roads lead to you. With our SEO expertise, you can count on outranking your competition, all while reaping the benefits getting your Return on your Investment.

Sales Machine

Let us build a sales machine for your business. Our services are optimized to deliver the best mix of traditional and digital advertising. We’ll help you build a marketing machine that will turn quality leads into customers over and over again without more work from you or your staff.

SEO Keyword Research

We conduct extensive research on your industry and give recommendations on which keywords and phrases will be most beneficial to optimize and naturally incorporate on your website. It’s not enough to have a few sentences here and there to describe your business. We compute which words and phrases have the most traffic… and then optimize the hell out of them!

Work With The Best

Did you know Google initially reported only 3 algorithm changes in 2017? On our radar, we noticed nearly 30! Well, as we had tracked, Google later confirmed they had 27 changes in the algorithms. Did your local SEO guy know that? Was he able to keep your site healthy during all these changes? We rub shoulders with the best SEO strategists in the world– this means we’re ahead of the curve and can maintain excellent rankings before other SEO guys even notice a change!

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations By Proving We’re The Best Spokane SEO and Web Design Company

Looking to  hiring professional Spokane SEO Company to take your business to the next level? Are you unsure whether it would be a wise choice for your business? The Internet has become one of the most important areas to focus on in business with today’s increasing competitive marketplace and with consumer’s reliance on the Internet not only to research but also make purchasing decisions. Through our services, our customers have literally made MILLION$ of dollars!

We follow Industry-Standard Best Practices no matter what. We won’t compromise our standards because we won’t get your site penalized. If we can’t help, we’ll let you know upfront. No games or false expectations. We believe in being transparent and treating your business like our own.

We do not accept everyone as a client. We ONLY accept businesses who offer real value and who we feel good about partnering with.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level—Fill out our Discovery Form today for a FREE video analysis of your website.

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