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About Search Spartan

We are Search Spartan! Aside from getting everyone to proclaim Search Spartan like King Leonidas, our main mission is to help people harness their dream– and to live it.

See, our young family has overcome many difficulties: ranging from my husband suffering from a heart attack while at work nearly 1,500 miles away from home; to a child coping with rare neurological issues; to the fear that we wouldn’t have enough food to put on the table because our last dime went to our house rent.

And on. And on.

We worked round the clock and still didn’t have money to pay for our very meager lifestyle, nor did we have much time for our children. Depression inevitably set in, and the cycle worked tirelessly in an ongoing loop. Each day was, quite honestly, dreadful.

But then things changed.

Did we catch a big break or win the lottery? Nope. But after my husband’s near-death experience, we knew something needed to change. We needed to change. Our drive was ignited and became fueled by our desire to live our life. No longer could we accept jobs we weren’t passionate about. No longer would we waste our days being away from our children. And no longer would we live a life we didn’t love.

This was truly the humble start of Search Spartan.

We spent years living a life we didn’t love. And because of that, we are passionate about helping others live their dreams. Life is too short to live someone else’s dream. Live yours today!

So come along with us. We’ll Get You Found.